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Okay, so we finished it up – FINALLY! Here’s a video update but I wanted to give a little more information as well…info that isn’t in the video that I feel should be mentioned.

Tina: I lost 2 lbs during the first two weeks of The Plan but gained back both of those in week 3, along with 2 more pounds for a total of 2 lb gain over the three weeks. I did lose almost 3% body fat in the three weeks and a total of 5 inches, 3 in my waist, hips and chest alone. So it wasn’t a total flop. I have clear skin, little to no stomach issues and more energy than when I began so I consider that a success as well.

Bryun: Lost a total of 9 lbs in the entire 3 week period, about 1% body fat and all of the bloating he had in his stomach (we are talking at least 2 inches in the belly). He says that he definitely “feels” better…no more sluggish, sick feeling. He has more energy after doing it and just feels healthier overall. He went from being a caffeine addict of several cups each morning to only tea in the mornings. He has found that he can no longer have caffeine on an empty stomach at all. Bryun is certain that The Plan has made his body far more sensitive to certain foods, or at least, made that sensitivity known.

Will we continue it? Realistically, we will continue with SOME of it. We have both taken steps toward a way of life that is even more healthy. We aren’t overloading on the same foods and “crap” that we indulged in before. Bryun, specifically, has learned some easy meals to fix for those nights when I’m not home or able to fix dinner. He is making healthier decisions without any suggestions from me. That, alone, is HUGE for him. He has discovered some quick, tasty snacks that he wouldn’t otherwise have thought of (like 2 rye crackers with almond butter.)

There are some of the habits we will definitely continue with each and every day. I have continue drinking the lemon water first thing in the morning upon rising. I will however, for my own sanity, discontinue the habit of weighing in daily. I didn’t like it in the beginning and still don’t. I will continue to eat a variety of greens, vegetables and fresh fruits with every meal but perhaps not in the huge quantities we did on the plan. I will definitely be adding protein to my diet and go back to following a Paleo Style eating plan.

THe Plan
Also, as a note, looking back over my meal logs and macro-nutrient break-down during the plan, it is approximately a 30% carb/45% fat/25% protein breakdown. Almost all of the protein comes from vegetable proteins and ALL of the fat comes from healthy fats (seeds, nuts, olive oil). Most doctors would have a heart attack if you gave them those breakdowns without explanation but it goes to show the importance of fat in the diet when it comes from the right sources.

  1. Angela says:

    I, too, got on this plan and lost 5.2 lbs. the first week, then gained back 2.8 lbs. and have been stuck there ever since (a week now). Yes, I feel better, I am detoxing with the Dandelion Root Tea daily and eating three squares as indicated in the plan, but I am stuck at this weight and there seems to be nothing that makes the scale go back down .5 to 1 lb. per day as it did initially. I am somewhat disappointed about this as I am following her plan to the letter. It’s easy for me to do so, as I only make and eat all of my own food, so I know that there is no added chemicals or sodium, so it is a mystery. I’m glad I am not the only one who bounced back after losing and hit a plateau.

    • FitCoachTina says:

      Angela, I was the same way…lost great at first, gained some and simply leveled out. It doesn’t mean The Plan doesn’t work. It simply isn’t that we are eating reactive foods that is keeping the weight on. The Plan is just one of many solutions and I continue doing what I know I’m doing right as I seek the correct one for me (and you). I hope we can continue doing this together!

    • QueenJellyBean says:

      Angela, the book says that if you are finding out that you are reactive to all the foods you are trying (you find that out if you are gaining weight while on The Plan) then the author suggests this is an indication of leaky gut syndrome. She suggests working with a health practitioner who treats leaky gut if you are gaining on The Plan. Second observation: one of the last chapters in the book isThe Plan for people with thyroid issues. I am starting Day 1 of that Plan variation today. It includes taking your basal body temperature each morning and it excludes foods that may impact thyroid activity. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

  2. Miel says:

    I’m like sooo surprised to hear that The Plan isn’t working for some. I mean, I couldn’t drop any weight for all the tea in China, but for me The Plan changed all of that. The only difference between what’s noted on this site and what I did was just NOT following the meal plan to the letter. I followed the principals of The Plan and applied them. Like I drop 5 lbs and then ate Swiss Chard and the next day I was 3 lbs heavier. It took me about a week to get the Swiss Chard out of my system and my weight back down, but by no means have I been following to the letter.
    I do the Flax granola or the Blueberry Compote, water, dandelion tea and lemon water everyday. But lunch is something hot and cold with no animal protein.

    I wrote it all down in my blog.

    • FitCoachTina says:

      As you said, it’s more than just the meal plan, it takes following the guidelines set out in The Plan. Like you, we followed them ALL (eating at certain times, drinking the water, protein at certain times). I also mentioned that in my review that we followed the “rules” of The Plan. Just for me, as well as others, it didn’t seem to be our cure-all like it did you. Congrats on your results!

  3. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know what happens with dinner on day 3 of the detox, if you are a vegetarian and don’t eat chicken?

    • FitCoachTina says:

      If it were me, I would either try a plant protein source during dinner or continue the way you have been (no protein). The fact is, you’re going to have to start adding in plant proteins at one point. With dinner, your cleanse is over. Why not use that opportunity (just like someone having chicken) to have a light plant protein?

  4. Sandy Cooper says:

    I wonder if your over all weight loss was minimal because you are already at a healthy weight. From what I read (the book and most of the website) this is geared mostly toward women over 35 who are “doing all the right things” but cannot lose weight.

    I am very interested in your results because I am a fit and healthy 44 year old, but I have about 10 pounds to lose to get to what has traditionally been my ideal weight. I am hoping this is the key.

    I start tomorrow.

    • FitCoachTina says:

      I definitely still have some weight I can lose. I know I lost water weight while on The Plan, however. Like I’ve said for years, different things work better for different people. I, for one, do well on a low to no-carb diet (only having fruits and vegetables for carbs) and no grains. My body respond very well to that and I feel healthy and energetic. Other people would feel lethargic and tired on it. It’s about finding what works for YOUR body, in the long run.

  5. Sandy Cooper says:

    Oh gosh!! I just noticed you are a Beachbody coach! So am I! So, yeah…I’m a big fan of all the Beachbody workouts and I have been doing Shakeology daily for about a year and a half. I had great results doing P90X2 and following the diet guide, but I still wonder if there aren’t some foods that are triggering an inflammatory response.